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Invest in improving the way you think, engage with others, and succeed in life: Join my private members’ community today!

With the launch of the Red Flags Green Flags Book, I have also launched a private members’ community – a self-help club with tons of tools, behavioral strategies, community exclusive content, workshops, live sessions and much much more. Everything you need to help yourself become the best version of you yet.


Connect, Grow, and Thrive in a Modern World: Join My Online Community for Personal Development Today!

In a rapidly changing, complex, and digital world we are feeling more lost than ever before. In a society where we have more options and technology than ever before, we are actually becoming more disconnected and less able to deal with personal challenges. It’s completely the opposite of what life should be in a modern world. So many people nowadays feel unsure about how to approach others in various settings of life and are looking for guidance on how best to address personal and relationship challenges. That’s why I have built a far-reaching online community to help you better understand yourself and others, and as a way for us to connect and engage in meaningful dialogue. Whether you prefer to use Instagram or TikTok, or YouTube or Facebook, or you prefer to be part of an exclusive private members’ community, I have got you covered! Check out my socials and private members’ club below.

Behavioral Strategies

Learn new strategies to help improve the way you think and behave. Uncover your triggers, learn to identify your unconscious thinking patterns, and become more aware of your multi identities throughout your life and even day. You can use behavioral strategies to break old and unsupportive habits.

Behavioral Assessments

In the private members’ community you can access behavioral assessments to help you better understand your personality, communication preferences, thinking styles, and more. Get the most out of yourself by discovering who you truly are.

Members’ only content

In the Red Flags Green Flags private members’ community you will have access to members’ only content. You will also have first access to to-be released content so that you can share your feedback before we launch to the wider community. Also you can let us know what kind of content, research, and live sessions you would like to have to make your membership more meaningful.

Dr. Fenwick’s personal
development tools

Make use of Dr. Fenwick’s personal development tools to help you become the best version of you. From coaching self-discovery tools and value assessments to tools that can help you plan for a better future in romance and at work

Red Flags Green Flag

Red Flags Green Flags Global Community

In our private members community you will be able to engage and connect with other like- minded people, find a sense of belonging, and support each other in one’s personal development journey. A community which has already proven online to be transformative for so many people, now brought together in the Red Flags Green Flags private club for more target growth and support! As we are just starting this self-help community, we will only open the private members’ club to 250 people to start – to make the launch exclusive. We want to work with a select group of people first to ensure the community meets your needs before we allow more people to join. As a token of our appreciation to be part of this first cohort, the first 100 participants will join the club at a super discounted rate of 25 Euro / month and the remaining 150 will join at 49 euro / month (instead of 129 Euro/month which will be the retail price for all new members once the community is fully operational), so be sure to be the first to join and secure our super discounted rate* for as long as we exist! Register now to be informed once we open up the community to the public! I am super excited to engage with you directly through our private members’ community providing you with all the resources you need to grow and succeed!

*Terms and conditions apply