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Dr. Fenwick is a sought-after and top-rated keynote speaker and a full professor of Organizational Behavior &; Innovation at a top FT-ranked business school. Dr Fenwick provides engaging talks, masterclasses and workshops on various topics covering human behavior, workplace psychology, mental well-being, artificial intelligence, and data science. Dr. Fenwick’s various talks and trainings are thought-provoking and engaging, and motivate people to implement change in their lives and positively impact the lives of others. As a professor, Dr. Fenwick also coaches and mentors business leaders, and supervises master’s and doctoral students. Dr. Fenwick has worked with some of the most established organizations and institutions in the world such as Unilever, Philips, Ford Motors, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Cisco, Honeywell, T- Mobile, KPN, Nokia, Novartis, PwC, DU Mobile, LVMH, Ferrero, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ghana Ministry of Health, Sharjah Government, and the World Bank Group to name a few.


Half day or 1-day (online) masterclasses on the topics of human behavior, technology, and well-being. Masterclasses provide thought-leadership and accelerated learning.

Executive Workshops

1-to-2-day (online) workshops on the topics of human behavior, technology, and well-being. Dr. Fenwick’s workshops help participants to develop practical skills in the field of psychology, technology, well-being, or data science. Possible workshops:

Human behavior: Leadership, Teams, Conflict Management, Coaching, Management Psychology, Persuasion & Influence

Technology: What is Artificial Intelligence, Python for Data Science, Leader for Innovation, Future of Integrated Marketing: Mobile, Video, & AI

Well-Being: Personal Development, Enhancing Mental Well-Being at Work, Red Flags,Green Flags: Identifying the signs of healthy and unhealthy behavior

Postgraduate Education

Dr. Fenwick provides post-graduate education and course design services to organizations, universities and other types of learning institutions. Benefit from Dr. Fenwick’s expertise in creating engaging educational formats or have him teach a graduate-level course at your institution.


30 min to 60 min keynote presentations on the topic of human behavior, technology, and or well-being

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