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Languages Available

🚩🚩 Put an end to unnecessary drama: Red Flags Green Flags will help you identify healthy and toxic behaviors like a pro! 🚩🚩

In my new book, I speak about human relationships in a modern-day world covering various domains of life such as dating, romantic relationships, family, friends, and work. As our world is rapidly changing, so are our behaviors and understanding of what is acceptable behavior and what not. Red Flags Green Flags dives into the psychology of modern relationships so that you can distinguish healthy behaviors from toxic behaviors to help you make better choices in your life.

Steeped in humor, science, and engaging insights, Red Flags Green Flags is a must-read book which is refreshing, easy to understand, and full of practical tools to enhance your toolkit to successfully navigate modern-day relationships. The book also helps you gain deep insight to your own thinking patterns and behaviors, helping you to realize when you are the red flag. In the book we have a red and green flags game, and also self- reflection exercises to work on your personal development.

Why buy the book?

  • Explaining modern-day life through a psychological lens;
  • Identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors in various domains of life from dating and romance, to work and colleagues, and friends and family;
  •  Over 150 red and green flags explained;
  •  Become more self-aware and realize when you are the red flag;
  • Effective strategies to create stronger relationships with others and become the best version of yourself;
  •  A process to help improve your thinking;
  • Self-reflective exercises to become more aware of your red flags and how to
    improve your behavior;

5 Domains of Human Relationships Discussed in the Book

Friends & Family

What should I do when my overbearing parents try to control my life?   Do you wish you could spot toxic friendships from afar?   How do I work on my inner child to help me make better decisions in the present?


How do I deal with a boss that takes credit for my work?   Should I trust a manager who says ‘this company is your family?   How to deal with organizational politics?


Is there a situationship you can’t find yourself out of?   How to prevent someone from gaslighting you?   When is it healthy to remain single and when not?


Is it cheating if my partner likes other people’s posts on social media?  What should I do if my partner wants to open up the relationship?  If I am bored in my relationship is my partner truly to blame or am I the drama?

About the Author

Dr. Ali Fenwick

Dr. Ali Fenwick is an internationally renowned psychologist and expert in human behavior and technology. He has studied the mind and human behavior for over twenty years both academically and professionally. Dr. Fenwick is a professor of Organization Behavior & Innovation at a top FT-ranked business school where for the past 10 years he has been teaching executives across the globe how to apply psychology at work, in society, and in their personal lives to achieve more happiness and success. Dr. Fenwick is the founder and CEO of the ‘Dr. Fenwick Lab for Human Behavior & Technology, focusing on conducting psychological and behavioral research and providing training, workshops, keynotes, board advisory, assessments and other resources with the aim to strengthen human relationships, enhance well being and performance, and ensure technology is used in a responsible and ethical manner. 

Known online as the @modern.day.psychologist, Dr. Fenwick has also amassed millions of followers on social media through his engaging content which communicates human behavior and psychology to a global audience in a creative and unique way. Through a combination of science, humor, and creative design, he is able to explain complex topics in an easy-to understand way which has resulted in mass behavioral change and mindset improvement amongst many of his followers. Dr. Fenwick’s purpose is to make the world a better place.

Red Flags Green Flags Game: an evidence-based way to find a deeper connection and maybe even fall (deeper) in love

Learning about the red and green flags in human relationships is key to building stronger relationships. However, knowledge by itself is not enough. We need to be curious and take action if we want to build more sustainable connections in a modern world. That’s why I have developed a fun and engaging Red Flags Green Flags game people can play together (in pairs or in groups) to find more closeness, and maybe even fall (deeper) in love.

25 well-selected red and green flag questions (based on science) to help you get to know your friends, family, dating partners, and significant other like never before. Unearth hidden beliefs and values people have about you and relationships. A great game to play together on a date (to get to know each other better), for long-standing partners (to fall even deep in love), and for friends and family to find ways to foster an even stronger bond and understanding of each other.

The book also provides a process to help you improve your thinking and decipher the behavior of others (which include reflective exercises).

Reader Exclusive Content

Did you purchase the book already? Then get access to the reader exclusive content now (e.g. illustrations, latest behavioral trends, videos, podcasts, red flag green flags workshop)!


Official Red Flags Green Flags Podcast: Learn how to navigate modern relationships like a Pro and put an end to unnecessary drama!

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Behavioral Insights for Modern Living

In this podcast, I deep dive into human relationships and the psychology of every drama to help you better understand how to navigate modern-day relationships. The world in recent years has changed rapidly and every new technological and societal change adds more complexity to everyday life. Human relationships have become complex and we are losing our abilities to properly read and respond to daily situations. When is behavior a red flag and when is behavior a green flag, and more importantly when are we the red flag in certain situations. We will be covering various domains of human relationships from dating and romance, to friends and family, and work relationships. This is a podcast you need to listen to to help you look at the modern world through a behavioral lens to make better decisions for yourself and others!

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