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Red Flags, Green Flags: Modern psychology for everyday drama

Thank you for purchasing my new book ‘Red Flags Green Flags: Modern Psychology for Everyday Drama’. As you could read in the book, there was so much more I wanted to provide to you. Where the book ends, my website continues! I hope you enjoy the content. about!

Red Flags, Green Flags: Modern psychology for everyday drama

Book Illustrations

Red Flag 2 – ‘Why were you never there for me?’ Working with the inner child (English Version Page 20)

Red Flag 3 – ‘The Middle Child Syndrome’ The impact of birth order on attitudes and behaviors aka birth order traits (English Version Page 29)

Red Flag 8 – ‘Can you work this Sunday?’ Mental, Emotional, and Physical Boundaries (English Version Page 101)

Red Flag 11 (English Version Page 136) - Political Intelligence – 5Ps Framework of Organizational Politics

Red Flag 14 – ‘I prefer not to label it yet’ – Different forms of romantic connection in a modern world (English Version Page 179)

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